Project describtion

When parents travel with the stroller in cities where they do not know their way around, it is difficult to keep orientation to get to the destination. At the same time, the focus should be on the child and the surroundings.
In order to support parents in these stressful situations, a solution in the form of a navigation system was developed.
We decided to design a navigation system for strollers.The navigation system should help parents to reach an unknown location as stress-free as possible.
It works only with vibration and light signals.


To design the product, it was important to interview parents and have them test a prototype.

After the initial feedback, we optimized the prototype to
have it tested again by parents.


Good isolation was needed to clearly identify the signals. The final concept works well. Since strollers look very different and especially the handle can be shaped differently, Kivi is to be made of elastic plastic. This will allow all parents to benefit from the vibrating and luminous navigation.


To be navigated we determined five signals:

Kivi flashes and vibrates. This way the user realizes which signals are possible.

Vibration on the respective side of the handlebar indicates,
in which direction to walk

Kivi informs about a location that might be interesting for the user
could be interesting (playground, changing spot, etc.)

Both light and vibration should alert the user to be mindful.

Similar to the start signal. So the user knows that he has reached the goal.
The basis of the language is a rhythm that has three beats, as a triple vibration is clearly perceived.The only signal that does not follow this pattern is the point of interest. Here, a sustained vibration is used because it is a hint signal. In addition to the vibration, there is an escalation level for POI and Warning. POI has a white LED and Warning has a red LED.
Kivi is designed not to add stress or distraction to the user. It works passively so that the focus is on the child and the environment.


The project was created in the subject
„Mobile Media“, summer semester 18
at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
under the direction of Steffen Kolb.


Ethan Günther
Marius Jakob