Laboratory Assistant


Observe and understand the users view

Through interviews with the pharmacy staff and observations of the various activities of the pharmaceutical technical assistants (PTA), we were able to gain insights into the processes, structures and areas of responsibility. In the process, we dealt with the workflows in the laboratory, in particular the testing procedure of substances.
Substances form the starting material for the production of ointments, creams, etc. and must be tested for their identity before further processing. In the steps that a PTA carries out before, during and after the testing process, we were able to identify some pains.


Based on the Pains, ideas for proposed solutions and a concept were developed that simplifies the steps of preparation, implementation and follow-up of the test procedure for the user.


User Interface Design

To find the test procedure to be used for the substance more quickly, the barcode on the packaging of the substance is scanned. The PTA receives all important information about the substance, as well as a list of all materials for the test procedure and safety instructions for the required substances and chemicals.

The PTA no longer needs books and old protocols but only a tablet running the digital exam assistant. The PTA is guided step by step through the test procedure and is visually supported during the execution. The assistant takes care of the protocol and only the results have to be entered.

The concept was implemented in the form of a tablet application and supports the PTA in all necessary steps to save time and minimize sources of error.


The project was created in the subjects „Experience Design“ and „UX in Application“,
summer semester 2019
at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
under the direction of
Jonathan Bölz and Michael Ognew


Jonathan Bruckbauer
Ethan Günther
Marius Jakob